Why Chilvary is Dead


Ever remember in Movies when the guy taking the girl out to dinner would seat her at the dinner table? Ok what about when a guy would open the car door for the lady? Two things you rarely see anymore and why is that?  8 out of 10 Americans today say that women are treated with less chivalry than in the past which can be true in some instances but not all. Over and Over I have heard the quote “ Chivalry is dead”. But is it really? Isn’t it possible, that like most things in today’s society, a guy’s idea of chivalry is just a little bit different? What does Chilvary look like today.

Chivalry ties in and impacts in so many ways. Its kind of like the get what you give theory. You treat your woman like a lady, respect her, open her doors, act like a gentleman, make her feel beautiful and make her lose any insecurities about herself, then in return you will indeed get a beautiful woman who is proud of herself and her man who is confident, loving and will try to please him in any way. You take a man who treats his woman the opposite, and he will receive the opposite type of woman.  Now let me say this while its on my chest to women, there are certain things you cant do or present yourself where a male wouldn’t even THINK about making you the it girl or the one night girl. Chivalry being dead is perfectly a woman’s fault too and here is one of the reasons why.

The One

Women do not expect to meet the “ one” at a Frat party while you’re dancing to “ Back that Ass up”.  No guy is going to come at you on his white Stallion saying the words “ She’s Classy, strong willed, I respect her, I should buy her a drink.”

He is thinking “ I’m going to get her in my bed and make her take the walk of shame in the morning.”

This is the first Blog to many as I anticipate the finishing of my book.

-Take Care of yourself and each other



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Montrell Writes

Calm, Cool and Collective. Over the years I have seeked, gained and gave knowledge on relationships. By far relationships as young adults are the stepping stones to the great wonders that lie in each of our future. I just share my knowledge and experiences with you.

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