Turn Offs


Sorry Ladies and Gents, I know I have been away for a while but now Im back. Tonights topic of  Blog is Turn offs for Guys and for Girls. Some say there is no such thing as a turn off and that its more of standards set for the other. I personally think that turn offs is more of a what ” We” don’t like; meaning, people who have taste. Now, I have seen and know friends who will accept a person as is; even if they are not in the correct state of mind, Funny but true. Writing about Turn offs tonight I realized there are a shit load and I really don’t know where to start so I’m just going to start. Ladies, A friend of mine told me one of his biggest turn offs and I agree with him, is ugly toes on a female, its very unfeminine and just plain nasty. One thing I do pay attention too and I know at least half a dozen guys do is a girls toes. Guys, Obesity is what one girl said. Females of course likes a well kept, fit, doesn’t have to be muscular but shows that he takes care of himself. Your body should be important and maintained, Simple. Girls, A turn off for guys are females that constantly trash-talk, I mean always talking crap about co-workers, family, friends, best friends, the mail man, the bartender, it gets old and complaining just doesn’t get you anywhere.  This is only a few Turn on and Turn offs for Guys and girls, like I said in the beginning I could go on with this subject for decades but I’m going to leave it to you.

What are some other things that turn you off? Leave your comments.

Until tomorrow, Take care of yourself and each other.



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Montrell Writes

Calm, Cool and Collective. Over the years I have seeked, gained and gave knowledge on relationships. By far relationships as young adults are the stepping stones to the great wonders that lie in each of our future. I just share my knowledge and experiences with you.

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