Letting Go of the Past

Love is Strong, Love is blind, And Love is what you make it. When you find Love in someone you are taking on everything about them, everything they carry and more importantly their past. We all have a past and in that past we all carry things that we aren’t proud of whether it was a relationship gone bad, RELATIONS that we regret or basically something that made us not think at the time. I’m going to be honest to everyone right now. I’ve dealt with this situation personally and the hardest part was being rejected for a relation that to me made no-sense. At first I was angry, upset and over and over in my head was the question of How? Why? seriously? And a few other things I’m going to keep off this blog. After talking to one of my close friends I realized a lot and I want to share these thoughts with you. Everyone has their Ups and Downs whether it’s through the span of years or whatever the case. But again we all have our ups and downs and the question you have to ask yourself is can you live without your significant other. Being with someone and constantly bringing up their past will push them away. You have to say to yourself if they wanted them they would be with them, but they’re with you now so it’s obvious that’s where their heart and mind are. Now we’ve all had relations that we aren’t proud of and sometimes when they happen, they happen because we are looking around for the wrong things. Girls and Guys are both guilty of this. Some guys will tell girls whatever they want to hear to keep the girl where they want them. You can’t hold some girls accountable for believing someone and being Goodhearted. She may have been trying to see the good in someone but obviously she realized now that she was wrong especially if she’s with you now. As I grew older and started maturing I learned that youth requires some people time to grow. A buddy of mine made a good statement, he said Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Getting over someone past isn’t going to be easy but it’s a process and requirement in order to love that significant other unconditionally. God doesn’t make mistakes, keep your mind clear and Don’t let the past control your future. In closing Trust The Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In order for you to move forward, be happy and look past the past; you’ve got to ask God to intervene, you both do. Stay Prayed up Peeps, I am.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other..

– Trell


Published by

Montrell Writes

Calm, Cool and Collective. Over the years I have seeked, gained and gave knowledge on relationships. By far relationships as young adults are the stepping stones to the great wonders that lie in each of our future. I just share my knowledge and experiences with you.

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