Why she chooses the Ass-Hole and why he chooses the Crazy Chick


Have you ever been chased in a car at 3am coming from an outing with your friends by a girlfriend? Or have you ever had a boyfriend use you and use you but you still love him? I have been in the first situation and I know many people who have been in smiler situations- and it all goes back to what the Hell we were thinking. Ive learned that most people look for short-term partners, whether its sexual or a companionship which leads to a sexual companionship. At this point when determining the short term relationship you look and prefer someone sexy and attractive that you really dont know how they will turn out to be. Ive talked to a few girls because this is a very touchy topic and I was curious to what some were thinking when “picking” the guy. “He had the looks, confidence, not your average looking guy and he was sexy as F***. I noticed once he got comfortable around me he asked me for favors, and favors and eventually I fell for it every single time” says Amber. Is it the Hormones of some females, is it really that most girls prefer the badass guy over the average joe or is it just the true phrase Nice guys dont stand a chance? Questions within the mind. Most studies point to the hormones, while most people say its low brain cells but either way it’s a hit and a miss. Most females like a thrill and while the badass guy will give you that and be the life of the party, can he settle down and start a family? Be the man of the house, work and provide. It will always be a mystery as to why the ” Wonderful” Woman can be into such a ” Horrible guy”. A Study says a female will allow a relationship to continue with a guy that is emotionally, mentally, or even physically abusive to her if it’s filling a need that one (or many) of her immature traits feed on. Now let me say this before moving on, Women who don’t have their act together, have major emotional or esteem issues, or are immature and/or inexperienced — are the ones most likely unable to differentiate between the traits of an asshole and a good guy. Now, women who are more mature and experienced, with high-self esteem, and feminine confidence, can spot his childish behavior miles away and won’t usually tolerate it. There I said it * Wipes forehead*



In the beginning I mentioned being chased at 3am in a car with no lights on by an ex-girlfriend, true story. A Crazy female can actually be spotted fellas-it’s not that hard, you just have to look past the Vagina. If you hear a woman complain that she can only spot losers and jerks, that all the guys she’s been with have played her, that she hates drama, men are Dicks or any other negative bitter view of relationships and men — stay away — no, run for the Wall in the North. You’re not going to change her opinion by being the “Guy,” trying to show her “how good guys really are” and how “different and will treat her better”. This is no different from the woman trying to save a broken, damaged man as well ( The Asshole).  As guys you see a girl who has been damaged, She’s attractive but she’s been hurt so therefore she’s not trying to give the next guy a chance. You finally break through, She lets you in and then what? Then the  Thin line between love and hate comes out. Every move you make brings about questions, She doesn’t trust you and she thinks you’re just like Gerald. Now dont get me wrong, you aren’t but she doesn’t believe that. Run, again Run. Females love easily and deeply and as a guy they expect us to be just as genuine as they are.

Don’t ever let other’s fears dictate your happiness 

So in closing Why do women continue to date the asshole? 

The answer, I asked a good friend of mine and she said simply ” They Ask”

Some good guys are quiet, laid-back and scared to ask a woman out or even for a her number. The Asshole without any skill is very aggressive, and just goes for it. He makes his presence and intentions known without any hesitations.

Now as for the Crazy Girls 

No answer-Just Run, think with your head not your other head.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other,




Time….to settle down



Growing up I used to tell myself that I would never get married. I used to make bets with my friends as to who would get married first, and of course everyone would push it off. I used to say the only way I would get married is if Jennifer Lopez showed up at my door one night ( I still leave the door open for her every night). The bible says in Proverbs 18: 22 ” He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” This is true because well it’s Wedding Season and although i’ll be attending quite a few this year some of my friends that are getting hitched were the last ones I expected too. Heres the thing, Weddings are great, besides the free food and free booze it’s a time of celebration, it’s a time of rejoicing, and it’s a time to be happy for two people embarking on a lifelong journey together.


You meet a girl but when do you know she’s the right one? You met a guy, when does he meet the parents?

These are the “Down the Road” questions to the moment when you think that person is the One. Ladies and Gents when is it time to settle down? When is it time to stop hooking up with Julie downstairs and when is it time to stop blowing Josh at the Tattoo Parlor……The Answer? When you find yourself constantly thinking about your significant other and when your dreams are finally a reality. Settling down is in no way easy, you deal with people doubting you and your relationship, but you do have some that are supportive. You deal with each others past and most importantly the “Worry.” Sometimes you may think what if this and what if that, but you can’t. Readers I will tell you everything happens for a reason and sometimes we may never know why; but I tell you embrace it, if its time and you feel your ready to settle down do it because we only have one soulmate. Love and Lust are two different things and you have to differentiate the two before you decide on settling down with that person. Lastly let me say this, You will worry and you will lose your mind at times and sometimes you will look at the past, but in order for you to be with your significant other and focus on the life ahead you can’t think back and you can’t worry as much. Focus on the present, Have Hardcore sex and be happy together. If she or he completes you and after every obstacle you’ve ever encountered led you back to them, dont let them go.

Until next time, Take Care of yourself and Each other,

-Trell Continue reading Time….to settle down