10 Things Guys like on Girls…



Every Guy has their preference on what they like in a girl or their significant other. But what happens when you ask a guy the question  What are some things they like on a girl. I took the question and ran the streets of…Ok I didn’t go anywhere but I took a survey of some of my close friends, random guys at the gym and the Pizza guy Keefer, Thanks for the pie. The Results I got back were incredible, Brace yourselves.


10.  Nothing 

Sometimes Bare is better, although if you’re in public you should be careful.


9. Jersey of his favorite team or his favorite shirt 

Simple, Come out with his Kobe jersey on or whatever sport he watches and the jersey just may be off before Tip-off.


8. Lingerie 

Who doesn’t like or love it, especially when it compliments her figure. * Bites Finger*


7. Hair-up/Pony Tails 

This one was a surprise to me. I was really shocked at how many guys found this to be attractive, although the Pony tails would give…next.


6. Just the right amount of makeup

I dated a girl in High School who wore tons and tons of makeup. She Drew her eyebrows, eyes, nose, drew it all in. I never understood it. When a girl has not too much, but just the right amount of make up its cute and attractive. Some girls look like straight clowns.


5. Sundress 

Shows the figure but in a respectable way. Classy not trashy is the saying…right?


4. Reading Glasses

The is one of my personal favorites. She takes her contacts out, and throws the reading glasses on. Its Saturday and therefore you get a whole day of the glasses. According to a lot of guys its a turn on. So keep living those fantasies Fellas.


3. Mens Button Down 

This is another one of my favorites, Nothing like seeing the misses in one of your button down dress shirts……Let that sink in.


2. Boy Shorts

Although some guys still live in the Thong Song World, Boy shorts has taken over. I think it’s the way the shorts compliment the figure..I think I used that line earlier but it’s the truth, more girls are rolling with the Cheeks, I mean boy shorts.


1.  Yoga Pants 

The Holy Grail of clothing and mans favorite go to item when she says she has nothing to wear. The sad truth is that even girls that dont have a figure can get away with yoga pants..Now think of the girls that do have one. You’re Welcome.


Happy Fathers Day Lol


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Take care of yourself and each other



Lets talk interracial dating…


Besides High Waisted Shorts, there is something else that has taken over our generation and its called interracial dating. It’s not a trend nor a thought, it’s not a process nor a habit. It is a Change. Having been in several interracial relationships myself the difference when you view someone is not their color but shared interests and common perspectives. Our generation by far is very open-minded and tolerant than those of other generations. Growing up our generation grew up with diversity, I kissed my first girl of a different race when I was  7 years old in Daycare. Unlike our parents and church mothers our generation grew up “Multicultural” and that makes for a part of what we are today. “Our generation is more comfortable being with anyone, this is what MLK dreamed” says my boy Daquan Joyner.

A 2010 Pew Research study found that interracial marriages in the US reached a record of 4.8 million and even today that number is still climbing and breaking records. That says today in 2014 interracial dating had to increase by a vast 50% or more.  As a black man I have seen and had many things thrown while dating outside my race and not one time have I thought twice about giving up. I’ve been on both ends, dating my own race and dating outside my race. You will find that some people have their opinion on this, but at the end of the day be with someone that makes you stronger, better, caters to your needs and has a strong will. Embrace one another, embrace change, and embrace differences. In Cancun I met a guy that has been with his wife of a different race for over 20 years. I asked him what keeps you two together to this day, he said communication, ” When you communicate with each other, nothing will come between you because your minds and hearts are open to each other and thats all that matters.”


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Time….to settle down



Growing up I used to tell myself that I would never get married. I used to make bets with my friends as to who would get married first, and of course everyone would push it off. I used to say the only way I would get married is if Jennifer Lopez showed up at my door one night ( I still leave the door open for her every night). The bible says in Proverbs 18: 22 ” He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” This is true because well it’s Wedding Season and although i’ll be attending quite a few this year some of my friends that are getting hitched were the last ones I expected too. Heres the thing, Weddings are great, besides the free food and free booze it’s a time of celebration, it’s a time of rejoicing, and it’s a time to be happy for two people embarking on a lifelong journey together.


You meet a girl but when do you know she’s the right one? You met a guy, when does he meet the parents?

These are the “Down the Road” questions to the moment when you think that person is the One. Ladies and Gents when is it time to settle down? When is it time to stop hooking up with Julie downstairs and when is it time to stop blowing Josh at the Tattoo Parlor……The Answer? When you find yourself constantly thinking about your significant other and when your dreams are finally a reality. Settling down is in no way easy, you deal with people doubting you and your relationship, but you do have some that are supportive. You deal with each others past and most importantly the “Worry.” Sometimes you may think what if this and what if that, but you can’t. Readers I will tell you everything happens for a reason and sometimes we may never know why; but I tell you embrace it, if its time and you feel your ready to settle down do it because we only have one soulmate. Love and Lust are two different things and you have to differentiate the two before you decide on settling down with that person. Lastly let me say this, You will worry and you will lose your mind at times and sometimes you will look at the past, but in order for you to be with your significant other and focus on the life ahead you can’t think back and you can’t worry as much. Focus on the present, Have Hardcore sex and be happy together. If she or he completes you and after every obstacle you’ve ever encountered led you back to them, dont let them go.

Until next time, Take Care of yourself and Each other,

-Trell Continue reading Time….to settle down