New Year, New Me BS






First off its been waaaaaay too long guys and my deepest apologies. After emails and friends pushing me to get back to writing here we are. I hope you like the new site, upgrades and new domain: 


To the topic…

Im pretty sure you’ve heard it, seen it written, and regretted even asking someone their new years resolution. They’re either over weight, have a drinking problem or addicted to hot pockets and want to change that habit or problem for the new year. The truth is they’ve had that problem for years and use every excuse to keep doing it. The other day I was having lunch with a good friend of mine and he was telling me that he wanted to change something for the new year. Todd was an old friend from school and had been married for about 2 years now. The thing about Todd is his wife was a virgin before they got married ( So she says) and Todd thought that was the most sexiest thing ever at the time. Although I swore to Todd I’ve seen her at numerous frat parties passed out and encountered her on several occasions taking the “Walk of Shame” from a DT Bar managers Apt 3 times a week he didn’t believe me. Anyway, Todd wanted to do something special for the new year, spice up their sex life. When Todd told me this my first response was you guys are already where you have to spice it up?!? ” She’s like the Oprah of Sex” he says LOL. Now don’t get me wrong readers, Sex is important in any relationship but sometimes there are signs if you need to spice things up early, We’ll talk about that some other time.

Back to Todd..

Todd had an idea that he would take a trip to Amsterdam with his wife to learn new “trades”. At first I was like this guy is crazy then I started to ask him if work was ok? Was his marriage going good? All because his idea sounded like the dumbest idea ever. Ultimately he was set on it and he was making plans for the trip as we spoke. Now, there was no point to tell that story but to tell you readers that a new years resolution should be about something that needs to change in YOUR personal life. Todd’s my boy but sometimes the sign may not be the spark but may be another matter. Every year people start that New year New me BS and it never changes. Goals, strategies, faith in what you want to do year in and year out is what your mind should be set on. Another thing, don’t try to push or convince someone of what you think their goals should be. If you’re in a relationship, mutual goals is ok but be more focused on self goals first. My grandmother always said if you can’t fix things in your own life don’t expect to fix things in a relationship with someone. Often times we view temporary things in our life that doesn’t require that much attention but we get so set in our ways and so caught up that we lose focus of the BIGGER picture. In the long run, what you change about yourself now, everyday and work on that will ultimately top what you do just for a year. Be a Long term change, not a Short term change for the good. Every year should be a mild cleanup from what you’ve already accomplished.


Until next time, make this year a good year and stay away from….Never-mind.





Booty Call Breakdown


Its that time of the night, The Last song plays, the clubs are closing, and the only thing on his and her mind is a BOOTY CALL. Lets Break down the different types you’ll be hitting up:

The 3AM Booty Call, The Out-of-your league Booty Call, The Generous Booty Call, The Holiday Break Booty Call, The Spring Break ” Met you at the Beach Bar” Booty Call, The Back-burner Booty Call, The No Strings Attached Booty Call, The Desperate Last Minute Booty Call, The Freshman Year One-Night Stand Booty Call, The Co-Worker Booty Call


The booty call; every man and woman has heard about it and virtually every one loves it. The problem with it, however, is its fragility. You can have it today and it can be gone tomorrow, all depending on how you behave.

Most people don’t know how to get a membership and maintain it for as long as possible. The main reason is because most of them don’t understand that there are a few rules that must be followed in order to prevent themselves from getting the boot instead of the call. Now, You have your Red Flags behind Booty Calls, the most important being how close you become and what once was a Booty Call becomes either a relationship or Feelings get caught; either by her or him. Either way its moments can be good and everyone at some point has been there or even thought about it. What if a man doesn’t have an ex Girlfriend around? Or what if a Girl doesn’t have an ex Boyfriend around?  Not to worry, some women will completely ignore their ex-boyfriends just like Guys will do the same with their Ex Girlfriends especially if the relationship ended on a sour note. One female friend of mine said “Girls feel that in situations like these, physical contact with the ex will only make things more complicated and confusing.”

Always remember the Proper manners if you’re into the Booty Call, Some Women need guilt-free access and guaranteed results. Some Guys just need…One night.  So remember Ladies and Gents, when it’s late at night and they pick up the phone, you want to make sure they have you on speed dial. The only way that will happen is if you fully understand the proper booty call etiquette. Now let me say this the Booty Call does not symbolize everyone and not every guy and girl are into being or having a Booty Call,  but for the ones that are, Go forth and Bootify.

Until tomorrow, Take care of yourself and Each other.

– Trell