10 Things Guys like on Girls…



Every Guy has their preference on what they like in a girl or their significant other. But what happens when you ask a guy the question  What are some things they like on a girl. I took the question and ran the streets of…Ok I didn’t go anywhere but I took a survey of some of my close friends, random guys at the gym and the Pizza guy Keefer, Thanks for the pie. The Results I got back were incredible, Brace yourselves.


10.  Nothing 

Sometimes Bare is better, although if you’re in public you should be careful.


9. Jersey of his favorite team or his favorite shirt 

Simple, Come out with his Kobe jersey on or whatever sport he watches and the jersey just may be off before Tip-off.


8. Lingerie 

Who doesn’t like or love it, especially when it compliments her figure. * Bites Finger*


7. Hair-up/Pony Tails 

This one was a surprise to me. I was really shocked at how many guys found this to be attractive, although the Pony tails would give…next.


6. Just the right amount of makeup

I dated a girl in High School who wore tons and tons of makeup. She Drew her eyebrows, eyes, nose, drew it all in. I never understood it. When a girl has not too much, but just the right amount of make up its cute and attractive. Some girls look like straight clowns.


5. Sundress 

Shows the figure but in a respectable way. Classy not trashy is the saying…right?


4. Reading Glasses

The is one of my personal favorites. She takes her contacts out, and throws the reading glasses on. Its Saturday and therefore you get a whole day of the glasses. According to a lot of guys its a turn on. So keep living those fantasies Fellas.


3. Mens Button Down 

This is another one of my favorites, Nothing like seeing the misses in one of your button down dress shirts……Let that sink in.


2. Boy Shorts

Although some guys still live in the Thong Song World, Boy shorts has taken over. I think it’s the way the shorts compliment the figure..I think I used that line earlier but it’s the truth, more girls are rolling with the Cheeks, I mean boy shorts.


1.  Yoga Pants 

The Holy Grail of clothing and mans favorite go to item when she says she has nothing to wear. The sad truth is that even girls that dont have a figure can get away with yoga pants..Now think of the girls that do have one. You’re Welcome.


Happy Fathers Day Lol


Until next time,

Take care of yourself and each other



Men lie More, but Women lie better


This at all is not a biased Blog, courtesy of my Boy Justin Andrews but men seem to get caught more then women when it comes to lies  and fibbers and trust me I have been there. Women lie more frequently than men, and they’re much more clever about it and talented at it. I also believe Women are much more prone to telling “little white lies” to try to keep from hurting someone’s feelings. Surveys say that The average man tells 3 lies a day — or a whopping 1,092 a year, whereas women in comparison fib just twice a day or 728 times a year.

Sometimes females only fib a bit to protect her own feelings or even yours. Sometimes her motives are less inclusive, like lying to cover her tracks. Whatever the case, certain lies occur much more frequently than others. Its up to you to learn the  lies all women tell, and how to handle them in any situation. No matter the type of lie of  either a female or male tells it, psychologists say that lying stresses out the deceiver physically or psychologically. Trained men and women can probably spot the signs of tension in someone telling an outright lie. Everyone has their opinions but truth be told Men tend to get caught more then women do, either it can be a small one or a big one.

Everyone has their opinion on this and therefore everyone can make their own assumptions.

As always take care of yourself and each other.